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 new world EL NIDO

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PostSubject: new world EL NIDO   Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:31 am

Hiya all,

With the BIG BANG, they made two new worlds,

i have decide to start playing on El Nido its the server for the east coast, for the event.

i'm hoping to have the ing SammyIce2, SammyDk2,SammyHealer2 as my new chars.

i will still be on my regular chars, this for the event, so if anyone would like to jion me post here

this way we can have a fresh start, and hopefull hacker free for a while, hahaha Laughing Laughing

Surprised Crying or Very sad Surprised Laughing Laughing Very Happy Mad Wink Razz
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new world EL NIDO
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