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 'ello all. (:

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PostSubject: 'ello all. (:    Mon Jul 25, 2011 10:17 am

'eya guys! It's been a while. Remember me? I'm sure the faces in the guild have changed a lot since I quit (again), but I hope there're still a few familiars around! Have y'all been well? I won't lie- you guys've been on my mind, and all the fun from days past. I won't be returning to Maple any time soon, but I will be returning to Nexon-gaming via Dragons Nest NA starting the 26th or 27th, depending on my summer exams. I've got to finish up a paper now, but I hope everyone's alive and well, and I hope to see some of you in Dragons Nest NA on the 26th. I'll be on the first East Coast server, so if you're around, drop me an e-mail (mimilu3721@hotmail.com) so we can meet up. G'luck and see you guys around!

Much love,
Ying (PeachSwirI/Nekosqueak)
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PostSubject: Re: 'ello all. (:    Mon Jul 25, 2011 5:13 pm

Thanks for the message ^___^ not sure if I'll be playing Dragons Nest but I'll hit you up if I'm on the East Coast :p
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PostSubject: Re: 'ello all. (:    Thu Aug 25, 2011 2:39 pm

Hi Ying! It's good to know you're doing well and having fun. Smile Drop in anytime.
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PostSubject: Re: 'ello all. (:    

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'ello all. (:
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