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 Tricks for the clever

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PostSubject: Tricks for the clever   Wed Mar 27, 2013 6:38 pm

So a couple tricks I've discovered and wanted to share. I'm not sure if its general knowledge but it has saved me quite a bit of time.


Special Cash Shop (CS) items:
Such as Paint, Horn, Bow, Bell

Open the CS then click "Equipment Modifications"

From there click on the + sign next to "other"

Keep on clicking until you find what you need! The location of the items changes every time you click Smile

* Make sure you favorite the items so you can find them super quick next time!


Traveling Trick:
The new area Helisium can be access by the big tree in the center of Victora, if you are unfamilar the fastest way to get there is by taking a taxi to sleepywood and going one map left. From there you get a portal to Helisium.

In Helisium you can transport to any area! But how do you get back to Vic quickly?

1. Take a dimensional portal to Momijigaoka
2. Use a Strawberry Milk that can be purchased in Showa to get you to the Mushroom Shrine (or walk there)
3. Talk to the NPC to the far left and she will take you to Leafre!
4. From Leafre you can use a Magic seed from the cheif to get to Vic again ^___^

wash rinse repeat.
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Tricks for the clever
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