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 My Bishop drawing

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PostSubject: My Bishop drawing   Sat Jul 17, 2010 10:51 pm

well its my maple character with a twist. my bahamut is summoned in the background, i'm summoning my blue dragon, and of course my genesis skill is right behind me. on the cloth of the genesis, [closest to the viewer] it says "konan's angel" and on the other side, it says "pein". the bracelet on the arm also says "pein".

i know its a bit plain, in some areas, but when i come up with a design, i'll start filling into the outfit, somethings into the wings of genesis... and i'm sure i can fit my magic guard skill into it along with my penquin. i'll do that if i'm not lzy. btw my scanner sucks so dont mind the unevenness tone of the lines and its missing a couple of details on some stuff...

i'm interested in the drawing of ur character, so draw them or post them if u have =]
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My Bishop drawing
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