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 Jr Master directions for guild chat

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PostSubject: Jr Master directions for guild chat   Wed Aug 18, 2010 7:50 pm

Yes- it is here so everyone can see!

Ya'll know our first guild rule is "Be nice". That goes for everyone- in or out of guild. Goes too for treating Nexon staffers well. Lately there's been a lot of mean things said in guild chat, and also some behind backs. I'm laying out the lines now, and I need all jr masters to be helping to control things. => This guild will not become like a high school locker room full of hens gossiping and nitpicking about each other!

Be nice includes no swearing- an occasional slip is ok, but we don't want anyone that yells a whole lot of fluffy kittens all the time in chat. I will not tolerate any slurs or slams against recognized religious groups or ethnicity. Jokes are okay, but not at the expense or comfort of others- and being that guild is a diverse group of people, we don't need to be politically correct, but we DO need to be sensative.
So what is expected: Arguments happen, anger happens- even between the best of friends at times. That's ok.
If you see something said about a group/ culture/ ethnicity that would upset another person, give a polite reminder to take care in what is being said. Take a screenshot. Log it in the admin forum.

If it is two members fighting, try to have them either calm down - take it to a 3 way chat, or out of guild discussion. Again, note what the trouble is- be sure to listen to BOTH sides. Log a brief note of it to help them keep it settled. It is okay for folks to have small spats. You only need to step in if it is an ongoing thing, getting more severe than a civilized disagreement or making others uncomfortable.

If a gentle reminder from a jr master is ignored:
The individual(s) will receive 1 warning. At that point, direct the member(s) to stop arguing and either take it up with me or to drop it. Be certain to explain that they are disrupting guild chat and why the behavior is offensive.

If they refuse the warning, it is the jr master's right to remove them from guild. I do ask that at least 2 jrs- preferably 3 are in agreement to remove the member(s). No sides must be taken in removal. All the members doing the refusing must be removed. At that point, I ask that a jr master contact me, and we will have a leadership team discussion (all involved) with the members that were removed.

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Jr Master directions for guild chat
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