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 So Nvidia card has bitten the dust......

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PostSubject: So Nvidia card has bitten the dust......   Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:36 pm

or something happened. I wanted to let you guys all know, a few days ago now, Windows 7 updated. When it did, someone, somewhere - pulled a Nexon. I woke up to find my computer (yes the new one)- with the subsequent blue screen of death. No desktop, no picture, just blue screen with a whole lot of junk about crash dump. (I'd LOVE to crash dump the programmer about now.)

Fast forward 6 hours- after I try system restore, and a lot of other half-things I only partially know how to do. I spent the next 4 hours on the phone with iYogi (Dell partner) tech support watching them control my computer and passed from tech to tech because they couldn't figure out what was wrong. I fork over $200.00 to pay for their help. FINALLY, in something called safe mode with networking, they found my desktop. So, silly me, I thought it was fixed. I went to dinner, planning to come home and pompasquat on maple the rest of the evening. Wanna guess?
Yah, come home......blue screen.

The time at this point now was 8 p.m. my time. I try calling iYogi again. This time, after being dced 3 times, I get passed to a senior technician (GASP!). Finally, someone knows what the bloody blue blazes a kernal power failure is and about this time, Keith asks what is wrong- does a google and says "oh- it's your video card".
About 1 a.m., the technician tells me he confirms it is the video card. (I swear I could hear Keith sleep-talking saying 'told ya so!')
Apparently it's a really well, known problem with Nvidia. (So you see kiddies- buying top-of-the-line doesn't get you squat. Thrift stores and flea markets ftw.)
Technician tells me to call hardware support line in the morning to get a replacement card. I do so- it is now Thursday morning. I spend the next 3 hours fighting with the iYogi people telling them that yes indeed, my computer was purchased in Jan and is under warranty and that I paid 200.00 and that yes, they WILL help. They told me that because video card is not Dell, it is not covered, but they will help.
So sometime in the next few working days a technician will come out to help with a new card. Rolling Eyes

By evening, things were getting entertaining on a whole different front- literally. I spent the entire day Friday at the doctor's office and with my mother. In very brief, had physical therapy and turns out, I have a staff infection. Now- staff is very very serious. I have no idea where I got it, but it may have come from the surgery. I also had an allergic reaction to something. And yes, I'll be ok, I will confiscate Keith's computer tomorrow for a while to come on maple and play. Just didn't want you guys to think we dropped off the planet again.

Today, Keith and I went to see a movie called Alpha and Omega. It's very cute, very well done and well worth seeing. Then we took a 3 mile walk at a place called Volo bog, and followed up with our usual Sat night family things- church and dinner.

Sooooooooooooo with any luck, I will see you guys tomorrow. I will also be planning events again for guild as soon as I get the new graphic card. *hugs*

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PostSubject: Re: So Nvidia card has bitten the dust......   Sat Sep 18, 2010 9:32 pm

Wow well glad its getting fixed ^_^ The lead animator for that movie actually graduated from the school kaleb and i go to 3 years ago =] he got his foot in the door fast lol. Sounds like our night too I took kaleb to the the Big E its this huge carnival thats held every year in CT and we walked around I bought him a new necklace that has my name written on a piece of rice and our anniversary =] and I got a new necklace that has pictures of the moon from kaleb and my bdays year and all and they glow in the dark Very Happy I'll post a picture of it sometime and then to close the night we saw Owl City play it was a fun day and i think a great Birthday gift for Kaleb <3
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PostSubject: Re: So Nvidia card has bitten the dust......   Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:52 pm

good that u worked that out ^^
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PostSubject: Re: So Nvidia card has bitten the dust......   Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:30 pm

As you probably guessed, it isn't over yet. Nvidia card wasn't supported by Dell, soooo when the guy showed up Wed to fix the card (while I was at the dentist's office >_>), he said he couldn't. Mind now, at this point in time it is 8 tech hours on the phone, and roughly 11 techs later, and the problem is still unresolved. Instead, I come home to find he has removed my hard drive and motherboard (yeah they didn't say a word about hard drive- I lost all my files). I now have a terrabyte hard drive and no graphic card...... To make things even more entertaining, Keith's card isn't working well either now.

Needless to say (but I will anyway)
Today was spent hunting a new graphics card. Found one and will pick it up tomorrow (Fri) at Best Buy. Hope to see you tomorrow. I love you

Oh, one bit of other news- Keith and I met up with Dan (OhhotDan / Secksibish) on Wed evening. Some of you may remember him from Ascension/ Unify. He was very nice and we had a great time talking all sorts of maple things over dinner! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: So Nvidia card has bitten the dust......   

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So Nvidia card has bitten the dust......
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