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 droppin in to say hi

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PostSubject: droppin in to say hi   Thu Oct 14, 2010 6:34 am

been keeping tabs on whats going on with maple via the website, and they still arent telling us what all they plan to incorporate in the big bang patch. also both of my tickets are still marked as "work in progress" (this includes the ticket from almost a YEAR ago about my mule account being hacked Evil or Very Mad ). if they ever get around to fixing their customer service, and they dont screw over everything i know about the game, i might be back (hence the reason i didnt sell my equips or give them away). until then im still playing DDO (dungeons and dragons online), and if anyone wants to try it, contact me on "khyber" server on:

Nutflicker (rarely on this char)

word of warning, adding a character to your buddy list on DDO does NOT send an invite for them to also add you, you must catch them online or send a mail to them to let them know.

also, i keep tabs on the forums here, so go ahead and shoot me a PM or throw something in a post for me, ill see it in a day or two...
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PostSubject: Re: droppin in to say hi   Thu Oct 14, 2010 12:59 pm

Nice to see youre still here Bill, I also dont play anymore but I hope we can talk sometime.
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droppin in to say hi
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